Unity in Diversity

Edition of 350 lithographs. Image size: 21" X 21"

Everyone longs for unity - the Oneness of all being. That is why we join groups and political parties. Equally, everyone treasures their individualism, the glorious gift of the Piscean experience.

Now, at the beginning of the Aquarian experience, that individuality is humanity's greatest danger as it breaks down the underlying unity of men and nations. Humanity has to learn the idea of unity in diversity in which the sacred individuality of each person and nation is put at the service of the whole. Unity in diversity, therefore is the way ahead for humanity. The energies of Aquarius, of Synthesis, will bring this into being.

This mandala symbolizes this truth. In a simple square shape, two greens make up a pattern that counter each other and create a dynamic that takes the viewer around and around while the central yellow circle holds it all together. Symbolically the reds and greens symbolize diversity and the inner circle depicts unity. On the colour wheel, red and green are opposities and therefore complement each other, just as opposite signs of the Zodiac can be totally different in character but can relate harmoniously while sometimes resulting in friction. This is reflected also in our solar system with a diverse group of planets all totally unique but bound together by their dependence on a central Sun - Unity in Diversity. (Painted in 1969)